About me


I've been performing since I was a kid for anyone who would listen. I'd invite people over to my house just to entertain them in the living room. If no one was around, I'd go sing on the sidewalk. I did all the plays and musicals in middle school and highschool. I started a rock band and won the high school talent show. The audience emptied the gymnasium bleachers to dance in front of my band. We played 2 encores. 

As an adult, I've performed in night clubs, dive bars, restaurants, casinos, cruise ships, street corners... you name it. I've performed for small crowds and large crowds. I've performed for cameras. I've been a regular fixture of the concert series "For The Record: Live" since 2012. I was the star of the 2018 Netflix Original Series, "Westside."

I love to perform. It's what I was born to do. I live for it with every fiber of my being.  I pour my heart and soul into every performance and I plan to travel the world sharing my love for music with the people. 


Come see me play a live show. It's been described as "a Religious Experience."


Thanks for listening. 

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